About Us

Why "Feral"?

In our search for a company name, we wanted something that evokes the desire for an outdoor lifestyle and breaks the monotony of the daily grind. 



In a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.

You might be thinking,

"But feral is only in reference to animals, right?"

Humans, like animals, are not meant to live a captive life devoid of connection to nature and the freedom to explore. Animals may be caged against their will, but as humans, we inflict our own form of captivity in work, television, the internet, and cell phones.

This "captivity" limits the opportunities to get out and appreciate Mother Earth. 

Our Mission?

Empower our fellow humans to get out and enjoy nature by producing Outdoor Gear & Apparel that equips you for the elements, while also promoting land conservation for current & future generations.